Rubber shoes, Rubber pads, Roadliner, Smart pads

BME has an extensive range of rubberised shoes for earthmoving machines with a total weight of up to 25 tonnes. The range includes rubberised shoes (Chain-On), which are mounted directly on the carrier chain.

Our portfolio also includes Bolt-On shoes as well as fixed and adjustable Clip-On shoes which are mounted on the steel floor plates.

The BME range also includes vulcanised rubber and polyurethane floor tiles for standard applications up to 25 tonnes and for special equipment such as asphalt machines (suitable for Bitelli, Caterpillar, Vogele, Wirtgen, Abg, Dynapac, Marini and others).

Bolt-On and Clip-On shoes

The Bolt-On shoes are designed to be screwed to the steel floor plates underneath.

In contrast, the Clip-On shoes are attached to the steel base plates laterally with clips.

ROADLINER = rubberised shoes (Chain-On)

The rubberized floor plates are mounted directly on the chain and are therefore a replacement for the steel floor plates.

A rubberized floor plate is a steel plate vulcanized in rubber or alternatively in polyurethane. The thickness of the rubber or polyurethane jacket and its Shore hardness is designed according to the size and application of the machine.

In order to find the suitable rubberized floor plates for your machine, it is helpful to provide the dimensions of the screw hole pattern of the chain in addition to the machine data and its area of application.

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