Rubber tracks for excavators and mini-excavators

Our rubber tracks are characterized in particular by their high rubber track strength and resistance. The carcass of the excavator chains essentially consists of stable chain links, which are additionally fixed with endlessly wound steel cables.
This, in combination with the rubber compound used, results in the long service life of our chains.

In comparison, there are inexpensive rubber tracks whose chain links are only vulcanised in. In addition, materials with relatively low hardness are often used for these excavator chains. The result is often a relatively low rubber chain thickness and resistance, which can ultimately result in a shortened service life of the chains.

In contrast, our rubber tracks achieve up to 40% longer service life.

Furthermore , our excavator chains are suitable for use even on difficult terrain. In addition to the tread, the rubber compound has also been further developed. In particular, the focus was on improving grip under a wide variety of operating conditions in order to increase driving safety for the operator of the rubber tracked vehicle.

Moreover, the inner running surface of the rubber tracks has been redesigned with the aim of counteracting any vibrations that may occur.

Compared to steel tracks, rubber tracks are characterized by a lower weight and a lower noise level while driving. A typical feature of excavator tracks is their relatively gentle handling of the ground.


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