Steel (Track) chains

The high-quality material used for the production of the steel chains shortens the production process. This has a positive effect on the selling price. This enables us to produce the highest quality at extremely competitive prices.

Forged chain links

Our chain links are forged from boron steel, then rapidly cooled, tempered and induction hardened using state-of-the-art automated hardening machines to ensure excellent wear resistance even under extreme working conditions.

Development of the chain links

The latest 3D CAD systems are used in the development of the chain links. The aim in the design of the chain links is a maximum contact surface between pins and bushings.

The chain links are manufactured to precise tolerances to achieve a perfect fit and seal.

The hardness of the “rails” of the chain links is more than Rockwell C50, whereby depending on the size of the link, the surface hardness goes up to 12 mm into the depth. The core hardness is more than Rockwell C32. Split links are profiled using the latest wire cutting technology (EDM).

Sealed and lubricated steel chains for excavators

The chain links for excavators are lubricated with “synthetic high-pressure grease” and equipped with the latest polyurethane seals to achieve maximum lubrication and a long service life.

Sealed and lubricated steel chains for bulldozers

Lubricated Bulldozer steel chains are sealed with polyurethane gaskets and metal washers to extend service life and avoid the risk of dry joints.

Bolts and bushings

Bolts and support bushings are of crucial importance for the durability of the chain links. They are dimensioned accordingly on the basis of the respective extreme loads. In order to ensure the integrity of the connections, the fit and sealing are designed according to size and application in order to achieve the best possible service life.

Up to a depth of more than 4 mm, the degree of hardness of the outer surface is more than Rockwell C58, in the core more than Rockwell C34.

Wear resistance of the bushings

The surface hardness of the bushings used is decisive with regard to wear resistance and thus long service life. The bushings have a Rockwell surface hardness of C55 to a depth of more than 3.5 mm. The surface of the inner bore is C53 to a depth of more than 3.5 mm according to Rockwell surface hardness.

Assembly of steel chains

The steel chains are assembled on fully automatic assembly lines. The application of seals, the insertion of sealing plugs and the refilling of oil are 100% computer-controlled. In addition, each joint is pressure tested individually to eliminate the risk of leaks during use.

Minimum and maximum fitting tolerances between bolts, support bushings and links are automatically monitored. The check is carried out under minimum and maximum compression forces. This process reduces the risk of breakage and “drifting” of the bolts and support bushings.

Individual steel chains made to measure

On request we can supply you with tailor-made, pre-assembled steel chains. You will also find a wide range of floor plates in our range.


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